Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From the mixed up files of Mr. Tyler S. Nelson

I received this email from my Brother, Tyler. It is of the caliber of pure awesomeness, and, I had to share:



I just got back from shopping at Reams and Val forgot something so James and I were waiting at the front of the store. This down syndrome handicapped guy who was collecting carts comes up to us and starts talking to us and asked what we were doing:

Me: We're waiting for my wife
DSG(Down Syndrome Guy): Oh, waiting huh
Me: Yep, just waiting for her to get something we forgot.
DSG: Maybe she's not coming, maybe I ate her...(grabbing his belly after pretending to eat something and making that sound toby used to make when he inhaled a piece of bread).
Me: Yep, maybe.
DSG: Oh, no, my belly is full, ug!, I'm so full, I'm going to throw up...Here I go, I'm puking up the bones...(makes puking noise)...Oh man, that's a fatality on Mortal Combat...
Me: Yup...

The End

"That just happened." No Lie.


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