Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brain lint 9/24/09

-When I ride the bus to work, I usually put my earphones in when someone starts talking to me and look deeply into my ipod as if I'm real focused on something. Lots of times they keep talking, but I don't look at them. They're crazy bus people.

-I used to watch music and the spoken word with my brothers solely so we could point out all the "pig nose" people.

-Some people get what I call fat head syndrome. John Travolta, Val kilmer, and Kurt Russel: all of them, fatheads.

-I saw a man with a mullet today. I've seen better.

-If I were Batman, the first thing I'd do is prank call Superman and destroy him emotionally.

-Whenever there's a kid sitting in front of me at church, sometimes I like to make really intense faces at them. Sometimes they get scared and say something to their Mom. She usually turns around but I just look up like I was listening intently. Then the feud is forever between me and that kid.

-Whenever my Mom wanted me to do chores, and I was playing a game, I would always use the age-old trick of "having to find a save point." It worked.

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