Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brain lint of the day 2/10/10

I think that if a clown were ever forced into going in for a financial counseling session, it would play out something like this:

(Financial counseler is to be represented as FC, and clown as C)

FC: "So according to your financial statement, you spend over 500 dollars a month on balloons."

C: "Yes."

FC: "You cite those purchases as business expenses. Am I to understand these balloons are part of your act, therefore a necessary expenditure for your source of income?"

C: "Yes."

FC: "Well here's my concern: It states here, you make these large purchases on balloons, but with every paycheck you earn- now correct me if I'm wrong- you buy...more balloons."

C: "That's right."

FC: "Wouldn't the appropriate thing be to allocate that income to, say, bills, and other cost-of-living expenses?"

C: "But I'm a clown."

1 comment:

  1. Just another great example of why clowns are a waste of space. The perfect ending to this story would be the end of the clown's life. Too far? I think not.